Ronron & Elma

helo Eric and team, how are you???.......Sooo thankful for creatively capturing that greatest and ever special day in our lives -- our " I do's " to forever....proud of the pics and the video!...thank you Eric and Neosum Visual Effects team....more power!...



Mr. & Mrs. Abrar Khan

Thank you very much Sir Eric and team..It wont be that very beautiful without the Neosum Visual Effects...We all love the pictures, professionally done....The best jud!!..Daghang Salamat po..more blessings to come..



Nolan & Hazel
Thank you Sir Eric and to your team. We just love our wedding pictures and the video of course. And you made us so comfortable during the pictorials. thanks so much and more power! God bless!!
Mr. & Mrs. Lutch & Ivy Talines

A million thanks to Eric and team. Our wedding pictures are very nice and good quality. Lutch and I and everyone like the pictures. My Dubai and Pinas friends and colleagues say "fantastic, great, awesome, and amazing”. It’s all because of the professional photographers from Neosum Visual Effects. DAGHANG SALAMAT!!!


Chao and Mai2x
Sir Eric.. you are such a great guy. huh. If there is a word na mas more pa sa thank you. That's wat i cud say to you.. A BIG THANK YOU sir Eric. For having the very best day of our life with me and my wife. You're such a blessing dude.. You and your team sir are the coolest guys ive known.. keep being humble and do well, thats the greatest skills you have. God Speed Sir Eric and to your wife and team neosum.. For all clients, customers who haven't experience neosum and eric, well come and find out who are they.. I and my wife Marie Joy can guaranteed you 1000 percent satisfaction.. Do not mind the cost or even your budget coz makit.an rana.. Just mind of your moments with Neosum team and they will bring you to eternal moments and happiness of your life.. GOD SPEED Neosum.. MORE POWER...
Mr. & Mrs. Jefrey Diaz
Neosum Staff was one of our blessings during our wedding. Preparing our wedding while working abroad (both of us), wasn't easy in deciding which one is best,considering we were looking for a good one. Indeed we got the best!My friends(americans& filipinos)here in US love my wedding pictures.Erik as filipino too, Im proud of you!
Cholo-Ernestine Ruiz
sir eric! it's been 2 years since you captured every beautiful moment of our wedding day (22Nov2008). the beautiful pictures have preserved the very day... well done to you and your team!
Chiu-Basan Nuptials
Thank you for translating our special event, Our Wedding last January 30, 2010, into a heartwarming and breathtaking moment that me and my husband could treasure for a lifetime. The photos and videos you've taken from our pre-nup to the wedding event are all awesome. Kudos to Eric Agujar, Gil and the Team. Thank you!
Rodel & Ace
The best day ever that happened to us. All of this I owe to eric and the visual effects team.
Hello Eric & the Team, thank you so much for a wonderful presentation during our wedding. We really appreciate it. Nice pix and the mtv.. hehe nice songs.. Love it!!! Hapit na maguba ang cd cge pabalik balik ug play.. Thanks kaayo sa effort and sa tanan.. God Bless!!
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